Nov. 29th, 2014

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It is I, Pica the Lazy! No, but really, I have been doing things, I swear. I just frequently forget to post about them on here these days, because I've mostly moved over to tumblr (please feel free to follow me). I'm still working on my massive editing and podficing project, to remove problematic tropes from my fic, and improve reader accessibility. At this point, I have edited and podfic'd 42 of my 56 stories, though many of the longer fics are still left to do. I've noted in my archives on AO3 and which stories have been edited and which have not. Podfics can be downloaded from my AO3 archive.

a few notable projects worth mentioning here:
- I have edited and podfic'd all three of my popular Remus/Sirius AU fics (A Cure For Nightmares, Highland Fling, TransFigured).
- A Cure For Nightmares and Highland Fling each have a new chapter included in the edit, and TransFigured has a new sequel, TransLate.
- The Highland Fling podfic includes yours truly giving my best attempt at a Scottish accent for Remus and the other Scottish characters, and I changed the fic to give Remus a chronic illness (Lupus), analogous to his lycanthropy in canon.
- I've edited the text (though not yet the podfic) for The Square Peg to give my nonbinary Hagrid gender-neutral pronouns.
- The Diary of Regulus Black and its companion, Consolation Prize (formerly known as Fuck Toy and The Redemption of Severus Snape) have both had complete re-writes, which I posted about here a few months back.
- One Hell of a Woman was edited to make both Kingsley Shacklebolt and Helga Hufflepuff trans.
- A History of Cartographers was expanded to include chapters for both of Snape's and Lily's parents, giving some background on both families.
- Sense Memory, my 2014 R/S Games mod exhibition piece, has been posted to my archives, with podfic.

What's next? I'm glad you asked! (Assuming you did....) The time has come for a full edit of A Conspiracy of Cartographers. I plan to remove problematic material, update my headcanons, re-podfic Year One, and then continue working on the fic. I'll be talking about the changes I am making to the fic as I go on tumblr, but I will not post the edited versions until the full edit is complete, for the sake of continuity. Stay tuned ....

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