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So I'm sitting here, pondering the next chapter of Highland Fling and browsing through the million or so pictures I have from my many adventures in Scotland, just wishing that y'all could know what a gorgeous place it really is, and then I realised, I can! So much of this story is set in locations based on real places I have visited that I can show you exactly what it looks like where Remus and Sirius are. I've added two pictures to Chapter One, and there will be many more to come in subsequent chapters.
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But I am an occasional doodler. I was bored at work today, and sat in the woods (between rain showers) and did a couple ... er ... "impressionistic" Marauder pieces, one happy, one sad. Just thought I would share.

Marauders June 1978 & November 1981 )
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I now have a Regs/Sev teeshirt. And I've been making Hogwarts house bracelets.

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I made myself a Ravenclaw teeshirt today with the help of a second-hand teeshirt and some fabric paints. I think it turned out really well.

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In light of the fact that September 25 has been declared International Puppy 'Shipper Day, I have been shopping. I have bought: plain second-hand teeshirts in a few colours, and red and gold fabric paint. Woo! This will be fun.... Yes there will be photos when they are done. I also bought scrapbooking materials.

Hmmm...maybe Sept 25 would be a good deadline for getting Padfoot's Tale finished.
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Well, this is all of it! I hope you enjoyed reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it. Poor little Regulus. My heart breaks for him. I didn't mean for it to play out quite like this, but sometimes the characters will take over and tell their own story, and there's not much I can do about it.

Part One: 1971
Part Two: 1973
Part Three: 1976
Part Four: 1977
Part Five: 1978

Excerpts From the Diary of Regulus Black (1980) )
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Part five of six! Only one more to go. This little romance ended up being a lot sweeter than I intended.

Excerpts From the Diary of Regulus Black (1978) )
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Part three of six. In which 14 year old Regulus learns something unexpected about his brother, and has some new responsibilities placed upon him. PG-13 for language. I am trying really hard to pace myself with these, but I have them all done and I really, really want to show them to people!


Excerpts From the Diary of Regulus Black (1976) )
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I finished hand writing everything at work today. I bet you never thought your substitute teachers were up to this sort of thing when you were in middle school.... Anyway, I've really been enjoying this little project and I am really pleased with the results. I hope you are too. Those are meant to be tearstains on the second one, but the scanner made the colour go all wonky.

Excerpts From the Diary of Regulus Black (1973) )
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For the sake of this fic I got chocolate on my scanner. Took bloody ages writing with my left hand as well. I hope it's worth it....

Excerpts from the diary of Regulus Black, 1971 )
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I also did some VERY rough James and Lily sketches at work today. I am not used to drawing freehand, so be nice! I am thinking of actually working on some images based on these, and I promise I will work on them for longer than the five minutes these took.

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