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I just got bunnied for another longish R/S fic. Wrote up 2000+ words of notes. What the hell is wrong with me? Can someone please tell my brain I have more than enough on my fandom plate at the moment?

I got a one-week extension on my black_circle_dj fic, which means I need to light a fire under myself RIGHT NOW and finish it. Also, I have that whole ACOC thing that needs to be written. I can sleep when I am dead, right?

Well, it's my weekend now, so maybe I should be getting on with things.


Nov. 12th, 2011 04:35 pm
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A Cure for Nightmares passed 40,000 hits on ff.net today. It is only my second fic ever to break that threshold. At the rate it's going, it will surpass my first fic to break 40,000 in a month or so. It's also been "favourited" over 240 times, which is almost twice as many as the next most popular. I should ponder that whole sequel idea I had at some point.
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I am writing today. I hope to put the finishing touches on ACOC 2.12 (to post next week!), and then continue with 2.13. But I made the mistake at looking over my fanfic database, and am now feeling sort of overwhelmed. The database is where I track my stories. What I've written, what's in the works, what I'm planning to write in the future.

If you like my stories, I have some good news for you: It looks like I am never, ever going to be finished writing. ;p To date, in the Harry Potter fandom, I have completed 3 novels*, 5 novellas*, 6 novelettes*, 14 short stories*, and 4 ficlets*. My current WIPs and plans for the future include 14 novels, 7 novellas, 4 novelettes, and 3 short stories (although I am notoriously bad at guesstimating word counts). Looks like I am gonna be busy....

List of Future Works )

* Novel > 40,000 words
Novella = 17,500-40,000 words
Novelette = 7,500-17,500 words
Short story = 1000-7500 words
Ficlet < 1000 words.

Aw, Man!

Sep. 24th, 2011 09:49 am
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I'm sort of wishing I'd chosen to participate in the [livejournal.com profile] rs_games this year, because I know exactly the story I would have written. Dammit.

I'd have been Team Sirius, and the story would have been a long, non-magic AU with lots of romance and porn. I was bunnied for it months ago, and took a ton of notes, but it just never materialised. Ah, well .... I'll get around to it at some point.
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I'm done with A Cure for Nightmares. It's time to get back to A Conspiracy of Cartographers, right? Well, sort of. I'm currently reading back over what I've written of aCoC to catch myself back up to where I was, and that's going all right, except that there's a damn lot of it to get through. And then. THEN. A sequel to aCfN arrives in my brain fully formed and begging me to write it. Don't worry; I'm not giving the plot bunny the satisfaction. I'll write down the notes, and then I get to it when I get to it.

I'm never going to be done writing, am I? *le sigh*
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I know I've been immersing myself way too much in fandom when I start having R/S dreams. This one was probably the most tragic AU imaginable. Somehow, in the fallout of Halloween 1981, Remus was fingered as the traitor, and was killed. Sirius ended up raising Harry, believing that his lover had betrayed him and killed his best friends. When Harry was nearly grown up (16 or so) they somehow learn the truth, and Sirius was of course devastated and confessed to Harry about the relationship he had kept secret all those years. There weren't a lot of details, just a whole lot of sad.

I could probably do something with it, but it would probably have to be a pretty long, complex story, and frankly, I have enough of those on my hands without killing poor Remus for the sake of another. If anyone thinks they can use this bunny, take it with my compliments. Let me know if you decide to do something with it.
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I am a terrible person. I am meant to be packing. I am meant to be getting a couple chapters ahead on A Conspiracy of Cartographers. But what am I doing? That's right. I'm being eaten alive by an entirely new plot bunny. I thought it was only going to be a one-shot, but...I was very, very wrong. If it makes you feel any better, the next chapter of aCoC is already finished and ready to post on Saturday. Tomorrow, however, you should be on the lookout for a non-magic boarding school AU featuring four familiar lads and another beginning for a favourite pairing. It will be porny! Just...er...not yet.

Oh, and...

Art by [livejournal.com profile] epithalamium

[livejournal.com profile] rs_games
Begins posting October 1st, 2010

Be sure to read my entry and vote for it lots! ...Even though I can't tell you which one it is. GO TEAM CANON!!!!!
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My brain is being eaten alive by a porny R/S bunny that I really, really want to write, but shouldn't even be thinking about for two reasons:

1) It doesn't work with the R/S timeline continuity that I have established in my head (and in fact goes completely counter to it at a crucial juncture).

2) It is related to the story I'm doing for the R/S Games, enough that even if I did write it, I couldn't show it to anyone.



Jun. 27th, 2010 09:40 am
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I know I promised a new chapter today, but I'm starting to think it's not going to happen. I promise I'll try, but this chapter has so far been like pulling teeth. In two days, I've written about 2000 words, which means it's still less than half finished. If it makes you feel any better, I'm beginning to suspect that there might be slightly more than two chapters left of Year One. We shall see how it goes.

I think the biggest problem is that I keep getting distracted by thoughts about sex years 5-7, and also by an enormous and complicated AU bunny that won't leave me alone.
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In the past couple of months, I have been busy falling in love with Remus/Sirius all over again. Not that I ever fell *out* of love with the pairing; just that there was a long time where I didn't think about it much. But now that I've edited Survivor's Guilt and finished Tropical Adventures, the pups have taken up residence in my brain, and won't leave me alone.

I've been looking through my (extensive) fanfic notes, and I've realised that I have a lot more Puppyfic to write. For one thing, there's A Conspiracy of Cartographers, which will chronicle the Marauders' years at Hogwarts, and for which I have over 100 typed pages of notes. Really. I also want to write a first war fic, taking Remus/Sirius from the end of Hogwarts to Halloween 1981, when everything fell apart, and another that covers GoF and OotP. Looking through those notes, I actually almost cried when I realised that, one day, I'm going to have to write Sirius's death and Remus's reaction to it. There's also a plan to follow Remus through HBP and DH, *somehow* making his relationship with Tonks make sense (to me), which is a challenge I am a little bit scared of.

I have lots of other non-puppy-centric bunnies hopping around as well, but given the current state of my brain, I'm thinking those may have to wait their turn. I'm betting it's a sign of insanity if all my emotional needs are being met by fictional gay men....

Someone please commiserate with me so that at least I won't feel alone in my crazy.
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I am being bunnied to death, and it's going to make me rework my whole personal vision of HP canon. Oog. Well, not the whole thing, exactly, but there are some very major facts that I am going to have to account for in any of my fic involving Snape, Lily or Remus.
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Let's talk about Enid Pettigrew. "Er...who?" you may well ask. One of the new "extras" you can find on JKR's website is a sheet of notes mainly concerning teachers and subjects during Harry's third year. Enid's name is written on that paper no less than *three* times. Once on its own, once on a list of DADA Professors (right after Remus Lupin) and once as a potential Divination Professor (Sibyl Trelawney's name is *not* mentioned).

The first question is obviously "What is her relationship to Peter Pettigrew?" I hope Jo will answer this at some point. The most likely candidate is the mother we heard mentioned in PoA. We don't know of any sisters, though there's nothing to rule them out. She could be an aunt or a cousin as well. Or -- Ooh! -- or she could be his *wife*. That would have rocked my socks.

The second and more interesting questions is, "How would the presence of another Pettigrew have affected the plot of the series?" Let's assume for the purpose of this question that Enid is Peter's mother, and that she was intended to be the Trio's Divination Professor from third year on. First, we would have had a dynamic between Remus and Enid (and probably Snape and Enid) that Harry would not at first have understood. Second, we would have had Harry wanting to ask her something plottish after learning that Peter Pettigrew was a friend of his parents. Thirdly, there was the possibility that Peter might have revealed himself to his mother, and she might have helped him somehow.

If Enid had been Divination Professor, did that mean that she was the one who made the prophecy about Harry? That would have added another layer of intrigue to the whole "last generation" plot.

If she had been the DADA Professor in Harry's fourth year instead, does that mean that Barty Crouch Jr was masquerading as her? Or as someone else at the school? Harry would have spent the whole year suspecting her of being evil (because of her possible relationship to Peter), and she would have disliked Harry for saying that her son (if he's that) is a traitor and murderer rather than a dead hero.

What amused me: When I write Peter, I write Divination as his best subject. Perhaps it runs in the family?

Edit: I was just re-listening to the Philosopher's Stone audiobook today, and I noticed that Neville mentiones his "Great-Auntie Enid". Hmmm....
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Since February, my life has been eaten up by chapter-a-day HP comms. Well, today [livejournal.com profile] read_hp finished up, and [livejournal.com profile] deathly_cntdwn will be finished in a couple of days. We took those books to pieces and examined them more closely than I think Jo could ever possibly have imagined. These communities now stand, a monument to this series, and if you're interested in seeing them dissected in detail, I highly reccommend you go check out the comments archives there. It's been a lot of fun and a great ride, but I am relieved that it's wrapping up, since it means I can now reclaim my life.

I have so many fics I really want to finish, and even more that I am looking forward to writing in the nearish future.

In Progress:
The Education of Madeleine Yaxley, my OC coming-of-age tale, still needs three more chapters.
The Tropical Adventures of Moony and Padfoot, set between PoA and GoF, still needs three chapters.
The Power of Two, my AU Weasley twins fic, needs one more chapter and an epilogue.
The Night Before, my AU spinoff from The Power of Two, requires a final chapter.
One Hell of a Woman, a Kingsley/Helga fic (no, really!), my answer to the September challenge on [livejournal.com profile] hp_adult.

Coming Soon(ish):
The Founders Chronicle - In which I actually put my degrees in Medieval European history to some use.
Secrets and Lies - My own interpretation of Albus Dumbledore's relationship with Gellert Grindelwald.
A Conspiracy of Cartographers - An epic Remus/Sirius-centric Marauders fic.
Magpie Lewis and the Mirror of Ravenclaw - An Indiana Jones-esque adventure, starring an OC wizard archaeologist.
A currently untitled fic detailing the Remus/Sirius 'ship during Gof and OotP.
The Art of Longing - In which I attempt to reconcile Remus/Tonks with my puppyshipping brain.
Passive/Protective/Possessive - A romance featuring Neville/Harry/Ginny.

slightly spoilerish additional bunnies )

MWPP fic

Aug. 26th, 2007 05:34 am
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It has recently occurred to me that between flashback sequences, short fics and references to notable events, I have enough material for a pretty extensive R/S-centric Marauders-era fic. I've just spent some time trying to collect all the material I've written for their years and Hogwarts into a single document and organising it chronologically. I may have to do some work to edit it together and fill in the gaps, but it's already looking like a pretty coherent story of at least 150 pages. Whee! Yes, I know it's going to be a lot of repeated stuff from other fics, but I sort of like the idea of putting it all together this way.
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So there was this story I started writing ages ago (probably not long after HBP came out) which was meant to explain the whole Remus/Tonks 'ship and help reconcile my puppy 'shipping brain to it. It was called The Art of Longing, and it was meant to take place starting after OotP. I had written a beginning for it, and I *thought* I had written a second part as well, from Tonks's PoV, but when I looked around, I was unable to locate it. Well, guess what? Today I came across it more of less by accident. Somehow it ended up on my external hard drive (which I did not have at the time that I wrote this story, so it's extra weird). Obviously, in light of the events in DH, a lot of the story will need to be revised and expanded, but it's definitely going to happen. Yay! I have now added it to the page linked above, and you are welcome to check it out if you so desire. Despite the fact that I hate Remus/Tonks with a virulent and fiery passion, I am *trying* to be as fair to Tonks herself as possible, and I hope to actually give her more character than Jo did. This version will only be up until I get around to the rewriting.
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I've been bunnied by a new pairing, which I'm thinking about using in the next installment of The Night Before. I've never written either character, and they don't interact much in canon, so it's taking some time to get a feel for their dynamic. Three paragraphs just took me half an hour, but I do like how it's going. I just checked LJ interests, and I am one of two people who lists this pairing. Wow. I really am breaking new ground here!
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I've suddenly become very interested in the idea of Neville/Harry/Ginny, and I think my feelings about that threesome is very similar to my feelings about Plato/Jim/Judy in Rebel Without a Cause. You might even draw parallels between the characters, though of course they are very different. Plato is as lost and abandoned and parentless and picked on as Neville, and admires Jim as Neville does Harry. Jim and Harry are equally angsty teens with a strong desire to take charge and take action, trying to learn how to be men in a difficult and confusing world. And Judy, well, she's stuck halfway between being a girl and being a woman; she's a bit of a wild one, and capable of great passion.

Damn, I love that movie.... You really could cut the slashy subtext with a knife. It's not even that subtle. Sal Mineo (Plato) and James Dean (Jim) have enormous on-screen chemistry -- moreso than Dean and Natalie Wood (Judy) -- possibly because Mineo was gay and Dean (if the stories are true) was at least bisexual. The movie also has an air of tragedy, since all three stars died well before their time, and James Dean before the film was even released.
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I think a few people might have added me to their flists recently who haven't finished this book, so....

cut for GoF spoilers )

Also, slash lovers might enjoy this article:

258-year-old gay rights text documented
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Dammit! It looks like I've been bunnied again. And not a little one, either. Every since I finished M.A.R.Y.S.U.E. Must Die!, I've had another Maggie Lewis bunny nibbling at me.

It all started the other day at work (I'm a field archaeologists, for those of you who don't know). We were climbing some really steep hills carrying all our equipment, and like the big geek I am, I said that I wished we had flying broomsticks. Then I immediately wondered if there are wizard archaeologists, and whether they might not, in fact, ride shovels instead? I do tend to think of my trowel as my "wand".

So I have decided that young Maggie is going to pursue a career as a wizard archaeologist once she leaves Hogwarts. It's going to be called Magpie Lewis and the Mirror of Ravenclaw, and in the grand old tradition of Indiana Jones, she shall be working against Nazis Death Eaters who are collecting Founders artefacts during the first war.

But I absolutely *cannot* start writing it until I finish with the Weasley twins. No matter how many notes I've taken.

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