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Title: Trans*Figured
Author: [personal profile] pica_scribit (complete fic archive)
Word Count: ~25,000
Genre: AU, romance, drama, angst, hurt/comfort
Rating: M
Warnings: Trans* character written by cis author, references to Dark magic, bullying, attempted suicide, transphobia, sexual activity between teenagers. Not a "born this way" trans* story; there's a magical twist for the magical world.
Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Poppy Pomfrey, Mr & Mrs Lupin (OCs)
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Summary: Remus has a secret: he's not a werewolf.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters and the Wizarding world are the sole property of J. K. Rowling. I own nothing except my own ideas, and make no profit. No copyright infringement is intended.
Note: I have tried to create a sensitive portrayal of a transgender character. I believe we need more trans* visibility in fanfiction. Obviously Remus's experiences are uniquely his own, and there is no single right way to be trans* or to feel about being trans*. It's possible I've made a mess of this, regardless of my intentions. If so, then I apologise and humbly ask for wise advice and/or resources to help me improve any problematic aspects of this story.

Sirius was quiet for a moment. Then he said, "We thought you might be a werewolf."

"What?" Remus almost laughed at the absurdity.

"Last year. James and I thought -- but the dates didn't quite match up. With the full moons, I mean."

"Well, I'm not."

"I know. All I meant was, we thought you might be, and we still wanted to be friends. Whatever you're not telling us -- how much worse could it be?"
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This might be the most difficult, terrifying story I have ever written. And that's good (I hope). I want to challenge myself. I want to tackle subject matter that I don't see getting much attention in the fandom. I want to be an advocate for those who have trouble getting their voices heard and their stories told. I want my readers to see themselves reflected in my stories. But this only works and it only helps if I do it right, and that's where the "terrifying" part comes into it.

I'm not trans*, so writing a POV transgender character is probably problematic from the start. There are some tropes surrounding this that I am aware of, and traps that I've made an effort not to fall into. First and foremost, I am trying to avoid fetishising Remus's body and sexuality. I hope I have managed this, in spite of this story being a romance with sexual content. I want to show him having a happy, healthy sex life with a boyfriend who is always there to support him and give him validation when he's feeling insecure about his body.

I've also tried to avoid a dynamic of a cisgender person teaching a trans* person how to enjoy sex and be comfortable with their body. I know that can start to look like a cis person being pushy and talking a trans* person into doing things before they are ready. I've done my best to make Sirius an eager and encouraging lover, while still making sure that Remus has tons of agency, and often makes the first move.

I have written R/S a hundred times before, and a few R/S AUs. I usually hop back and forth between their POVs, or lean heavily in Sirius's direction. For this story, I wanted to make sure I centred Remus's POV, feelings and experiences. I've made a concerted effort here to write this story fully from his POV, because in this case, Sirius's experiences, while possibly interesting, are not the point and do not matter anywhere near as much.

Most of all, I wanted to write a story that models consent, models sexual agency, models ways to be supportive and validating of the people we love. In this case, it was more important to me than writing a "realistic" or "believable" story. I want to show people, especially young people, how to be better at having healthy relationships, and taking care of one another, rather than reflecting the painful and problematic world of what teenage relationships are often like. I hope I have accomplished this.

If there are problematic elements still present in this story, however small, please do not hesitate to let me know. You can email me or message me privately. As with all my stories, I want this one to be the best it can possibly be. Thank you so much to everyone who has made suggestions and posted encouraging feedback so far. Two more chapters to go! And if I'm feeling brave, there will be a sequel, which will tackle some even more difficult subject matter. *nerves*
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The power was out today in my neighbourhood. Look what happens when there's no internet to distract me! Who would have thought?

"I'm OK," said Sirius. "Are you?"

"Yeah, fine." Remus began to walk in the direction of the stairway to Gryffindor tower.

"You look like death," Sirius said, following him.

"Thanks. I'm tired, Sirius. What do you want?"

Trans*Figured, Chapter 5

(I'm still looking for someone knowledgeable in trans* issues to advise me on a non-problematic way of dealing with Snape in this story. Volunteers?)
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I've been feeling the itch to work on my trans* Remus story a lot lately. I wrote pretty much the whole chapter in the last six hours. Hope it's good!

Remus and Snape's heads both jerked up to see Sirius lounging against the wall between them and the classroom.

Snape's mouth twisted into a sneer. "I wasn't hurting your girlfriend, Black. There's no law against me talking to her."

"There is now." Sirius pushed away from the wall, his wand clenched in his fist. "I don't ever want to hear you speak to Remus again. I'm fairly certain Dumbledore told you not to bother him."

"Just because I'm keeping that stupid secret doesn't mean I can't have a little fun." Snape's hand twitched towards his wand pocket.

Chapter 4

ETA: I need some help with resolving Snape. Can someone knowledgeable in trans* issues please contact me? I would be very grateful for any help you can provide.
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Updated my profile to add the following info:

I have been politically left-of-centre for almost my entire adult life, but in 2010 I had what I tend to think of as a conversion experience to leftist politics. I consider myself to be a proudly pro-queer, pansexual (or perhaps more accurately, "heteroflexible") feminist socialist, with religious beliefs falling somewhere between liberal Episcopalianism and pagan nature-worship. My politics do affect my fandom experience in notable ways. For one thing, I spend a lot of time these days noticing and thinking about subtle instances of misogyny and heterosexism in fanfiction. I feel that this is something that fandom really needs to work on, since we are a majority-female community who tend to think of ourselves as pro-queer.

I've made a commitment to avoid falling victim to these issues in my own writing. That being so, when I talk about pairings, I tend to list the characters alphabetically (Ginny/Harry, Remus/Sirius), rather than male/female, dom/sub, experienced/inexperienced. I will also try to avoid instances of slut-shaming and other forms of misogyny, or at least when I write misogynistic characters, make sure they are framed as such. Finally, I am working on not centering penetration as the only "real" sex, which is a common manifestation of heterosexism in fanfic. If you catch me doing any of these things, or anything else of a questionable nature, please do not be afraid to call me on it! I appreciate the input.
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With all the slashfic readers and writers on here, I thought a few of you might be interested in the new Love & Pride line of jewelry Amazon.com is carrying, if you haven't already heard about it.

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