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Let's talk about Enid Pettigrew. "Er...who?" you may well ask. One of the new "extras" you can find on JKR's website is a sheet of notes mainly concerning teachers and subjects during Harry's third year. Enid's name is written on that paper no less than *three* times. Once on its own, once on a list of DADA Professors (right after Remus Lupin) and once as a potential Divination Professor (Sibyl Trelawney's name is *not* mentioned).

The first question is obviously "What is her relationship to Peter Pettigrew?" I hope Jo will answer this at some point. The most likely candidate is the mother we heard mentioned in PoA. We don't know of any sisters, though there's nothing to rule them out. She could be an aunt or a cousin as well. Or -- Ooh! -- or she could be his *wife*. That would have rocked my socks.

The second and more interesting questions is, "How would the presence of another Pettigrew have affected the plot of the series?" Let's assume for the purpose of this question that Enid is Peter's mother, and that she was intended to be the Trio's Divination Professor from third year on. First, we would have had a dynamic between Remus and Enid (and probably Snape and Enid) that Harry would not at first have understood. Second, we would have had Harry wanting to ask her something plottish after learning that Peter Pettigrew was a friend of his parents. Thirdly, there was the possibility that Peter might have revealed himself to his mother, and she might have helped him somehow.

If Enid had been Divination Professor, did that mean that she was the one who made the prophecy about Harry? That would have added another layer of intrigue to the whole "last generation" plot.

If she had been the DADA Professor in Harry's fourth year instead, does that mean that Barty Crouch Jr was masquerading as her? Or as someone else at the school? Harry would have spent the whole year suspecting her of being evil (because of her possible relationship to Peter), and she would have disliked Harry for saying that her son (if he's that) is a traitor and murderer rather than a dead hero.

What amused me: When I write Peter, I write Divination as his best subject. Perhaps it runs in the family?

Edit: I was just re-listening to the Philosopher's Stone audiobook today, and I noticed that Neville mentiones his "Great-Auntie Enid". Hmmm....
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I am having a thought, and this is it: We spent the Harry Potter series finding parallels between Harry and Snape and Voldemort. But what about Dumbledore and Snape?

To start with, both are Half-Bloods (if the speculation in DH about Dumbledore's mother was true) who come from difficult family backgrounds. Both fell in love and lost that love at a young age. Both were indirectly responsible for the death of a loved one.

It's no wonder Dumbledore trusted Snape. Perhaps he saw in Snape what might have become of him if he had allowed himself to be consumed by guilt and bitterness. I've heard a few people mention how troubling it is to have Dumbledore touted as a gay role model when he ended up being one of the few characters to spend the majority of his life alone (so far as we know), but how much more isolated was Snape? He ended up far more cut off, reviled, misunderstood and morally grey than Dumbledore, in spite of their respective sexualities.

I am suddenly finding the fact that Harry proved his forgiveness of these two men by naming his son for both of them rather fitting.

If anyone has any other parallels or contrasts to add to this, I would love to hear them.
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Now that I've had a chance to catch my breath, here are my much calmer thoughts on Jo's most recent revelation:

I think this is awesome. And I completely understand why she couldn't be explicit about it in the books or in interviews before the series was completed. After all, these books are/were an industry and the bottom line is that a lot of people's paychecks rode on how well the series did. Being controversial for the sake of being controversial is not good business.

If Jo had made this announcement before now, it would have been a Statement, and it would have taken focus off of what the stories are meant to be about. These books are about Harry and his journey. Dumbledore's sexual preferences are not a part of that, nor should they be. Harry, bless him, is a rather unobservant and self-involved teenager who probably never guessed or knew that his hero was a gay man until long after the fact.

The thing that I really love about this is the statement Jo is indirectly making by it: The greatest and most powerful and respected wizard of the 20th century was a gay man. Just because Harry didn't know it doesn't mean no one knew it, especially after Rita Skeeter's "biography". And NO ONE CARED about that. It was not mentioned as a significant part of the controversy surrounding Dumbledore's character.

I also love the implication of what the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald must have been like. Two teenage boys and one intensely passionate summer, cut short by the double heartbreak of Ariana's death and Grindelwald's abandonment, followed by how long it took for Dumbledore to at last reluctantly confront the man he had loved. I *really* want to know about that final confrontation now, even more than I did before.
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This is the best news I've heard since House told Wilson he loved him and Jack kissed Ianto. I *hoped* Jo would make an announcement like this as soon as all the books were published, but of course I really wanted it to be about Remus and Sirius. Damn her for saying Lily and James supported Remus, but bless her for confirming that the greatest wizard of the age was gay as gay can be! I want a transcript of everything she said now.

J. K. Rowling at Carnegie Hall Reveals Dumbledore is Gay )
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Yes! I called it! Harry is Wizard of the Month for October on Jo's website. I bet she's going to move through all the major characters.

At the moment, I am writing character deaths and action sequences, which is unsurprisingly exhausting. I'm about to kill one of my favourite characters. Somebody hold me. :p
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I was just looking through some of my old LJ entries, and I found a poll taken before HBP concerning what characters everyone thought would die by the end of the series. It's surprisingly accurate in places and amusingly wrong in others. Please don't add any more votes to it if you check it out.

Edit: Here's the list of the poll results in order of votes, with actual canon deaths in bold. I have not bolded any names of characters whose deaths were not 100% confirmed by canon.

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A couple years back, I read The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper, which was written and set in Britain in the 1960's and 1970's. At the time I noticed a number of obvious parallels with the HP books: On his 11th birthday, an ordinary boy learns that he has a Special Destiny; he alone can defeat the powers of the Dark. With the help of a Wise and Mysterious but Benevolent Mentor (who now I think of it, turns out to be a bit of a grey character), he goes questing for Things of Power (a cup, a crystal sword, etc...).

When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back;
Three from the circle, three from the track;
Wood, bronze, iron; water, fire, stone;
Five will return, and one go alone.

I just noticed what could be an explicit reference to the Dark is Rising series in OotP. When Harry and his friends are smashing up the Hall of Prophecy, they hear fragments of two prophecies:

"... at the solstice will come a new ..."
"... and none will come after..."

Will Stanton, the hero of the Dark is Rising, learns on the Winter Solstice (his 11th birthday) that he is the last of the Old Ones, a race of immortals.

I may just be a big juvenile fantasy geek, but I thought it was interesting.
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I'm playing historian here, and I'm trying to work something out.

DH Spoilers follow )
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I guess it's about time I had another look at my pre-Deathly Hallows theories, and found out how many I got right. Shall we see how I did?

Many DH SPOILERS follow.... )

Hmmm...looks like I got quite a lot wrong, but at the same time, did not do too badly either. Go me!
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This list is by no means complete or comprehensive. It is based on my first reading of the book and notes that I took quickly during a long stretch of no sleep and no food. I will be taking part in a more thorough chapter-by-chapter analysis on [livejournal.com profile] deathly_cntdwn starting August 1.

Theories proven and busted )

Character Development )

Shipping )

Deaths )

WTF?! )

Things Jo did just to bugger up my fanfic )
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I left [livejournal.com profile] chiv in York at 12:30, and headed down to London by train. During the two hour train journey, I managed to add about four fairly mediocre pages to The Power of Two.

Arrived at King's Cross, put on my purple velvet top hat and went to meet [livejournal.com profile] jin_fenghuang over by platform 9 3/4. We came can to the hotel, which is pretty much right across the street from King's Cross, and did the big international gift exchange. I now have some lovely, brightly coloured bits of fabric from China, which I will use for something shiny at some point. We then braved the mysteries of the Underground to take her art over to the exhibition hall at the University of Winchester, then I went to meet [livejournal.com profile] sermoa at the Chalk Farm station.

We walked through Camden market, and then went for dinner at a little Portuguese restaurant. We discussed many of the theories that had come up over the course of [livejournal.com profile] deathly_cntdwn, and what it will be like to read Deathly Hallows at last and what fandom will be like after. We walked back to Camden Centre and got our picture taken together.

I signed in for registration and came into the hall about halfway through a very silly play which caused many giggles, though I missed about half the lines and all of the plot. It culminated with Harry killing Voldemort with a table lamp and then offing himself with it because he no longer had a destiny.

After the big "Welcome to Sectus" talk, we were treated to discussion from the wonderful Steve Vander Ark, creator of the HP Lexicon, possibly the best website ever. He's been my hero for a while, and it was so cool to see how awesome, smart and funny he is in person, and to know that yes, there are bigger geeks even than me (if only by a little). The theme of the lecture was "wizarding world logic" vs "Jo logic" vs "fan logic". There was must amusement.

I got to meet Steve after he spoke and shook his hand and had my picture taken with him. Yay! Then, when he got up again for the DH theory panel, I got to ask what he thought about the "McGonagall is evil" theory. He had apparently not even heard of that one. He didn't have an answer; just sat there looking thoughtful for a moment and then said he needed some mental floss and that it would be a really fantastic twist. But I have to say, my question did get the biggest and most diverse reaction from the assembled audience. There was some applause and also some "NOOOOOO!" which was fun.

After the theory panel, I joined a bunch of Remus/Sirius 'shippers who were heading for the pub across the street. We had fun discussing lots of 'ships and fics, and there was one girl who had read and remembered Moony's Tale, saying it was her introduction to the fandom and R/S 'shipping. Yay! I'm all famous. Or something.

Went to a few talks, some of which I got on with better than others. The "Draco may be a werewolf" one, I didn't get on with so well. I could see where they were coming from with the theory, but .... Well, maybe it's just that Draco as a character doesn't interest me all that much.

I quite enjoyed "Harry Potter and the Queerness of Children's Literature", given by Michael Bronski, who teaches at Dartmouth. I got to ask fun questions about the Oz books and the weirdness of the gender swapping therein.

There was also "Reading Like a Queer? Camp Effects, Slash, and the Goblet of Fire Film", which was lots of fun, but also thought-provoking. We talked about thinks like negotiating with canon (which I do a lot of) and trying to put together an exact definition is "camp". Skyler Hijazi who gave the talk, was a 5' tall Remus Lupin, and quite camp himself, so that sort of made it extra-enjoyable.

I then went to an hour and a half seminar on "Writing Magic (for Muggles)", which was a very informative workshop detailing exactly how JKR gets it right, and what we as writers can do to bring those ideas and methods into our own work. I took lots of notes at this one, and wished it could have gone on for even longer. As I was taking my notes on the new book, I found myself making references to concepts explored in this talk.

In the evening, I came back to the hotel, and managed to have about a two hour nap before heading back to get involved in the "reading party".

We queued up for our books about an hour before midnight at Waterstones, and spent an enjoyable hour and 45 minutes throwing around last-minute theories, and using our last chance to do so to the fullest.

After collecting our books, we went back to the convention centre, found relatively comfortable places to sit, and read. And read. And read. I think I must be a slow reader or something. Or maybe I was trying to get as much out of it as possible, and I was trying to take brief notes along the way. It was fun just sitting in a room with a bunch of other fans where the only sounds are turning pages, giggles, sniffles and occasional cries of "What the f***?!"

I went without food, water, sleep or really anything but bathroom breaks from 1:00 AM to 6:30 PM. Seriously. I still had 80 pages to go at that point, but I needed food too badly to care. [livejournal.com profile] jin_fenghuang and I stopped off at McDonalds briefly on the way back to the hotel, and I've just now (11:30 PM) actually finished the book. I have much to say on the subject, but that will go in another post.

Went to a couple of talks with Steve Vander Ark early in the day, discussing the new book and where fandom goes from here. Then there was an auction. I didn't buy anything, but I did drive up the prices on a couple of [livejournal.com profile] jin_fenghuang's pieces. Hey, it's for charity. After the closing, we all went over to Regents Park to watch "itchquidd". I took part in a drabble circle, but only had time to write one (which I will post later) before I had to run for my train.

Very tired now.


Jul. 18th, 2007 07:10 pm
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I've just finished my chapter-a-day close analysis of the HP books for [livejournal.com profile] deathly_cntdwn and [livejournal.com profile] read_hp, during which time I've taken copious notes (ie, around 15-35 per chapter) on various thoughts, theories, and squees over JKR's genius in general. I've more or less let this thing eat my life over the past several months, and it's not over yet. In 53 hours, I will have Deathly Hallows in my hands. I plan to devour it as quickly as possible, taking just a few notes along the way, and then begin a slower chapter-by-chapter analysis over the coming month.

What do I want from this book? Well, there are three things that I think will bother me if I don't get them:

1) I want there to be more to the Tonks subplot than we've been given so far. It felt even more "off" during this reading than the first two.
2) I want a really good death scene that will have me in floods of tears. Preferably Remus.
3) I want Harry and Neville to live so that I will have a postwar 'ship I really like without resorting to AU.

There are lots of other smaller things I would like to see, but I trust JKR to provide us with an interesting story, full of plenty of twists and turns that we never expected. I'm ready. Are you?

This time tomorrow, I'll be at Sectus! Woo!
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I just worked something out that I don't know if JKR intended as coincidence or something of significance. In my Neville story I wrote last night, for my own amusement, I mentioned hearts with initials carved into the headboards of a couple of the beds, which indicated that Harry's year used the same dorm room as the Marauders. But I didn't bother to go check it mathematically until just now. And...yes, they did. By inference, Hermione is in Lily's dorm room and Draco is in Snape's as well. It goes something like this:

The kids are in the same room for all seven years at Hogwarts, so when a bunch of 7th years leaves the school, the following year's first years get their old room. The rotation looks something like this:

Class of...

By the dates we have been given, the Marauders were the class of 1977, and Harry is in the class of 1998. Well, that should be fun for the fanfic writers anyway, shouldn't it?
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I've been groping around for evidence of Tonks being evil, more because I want her to be than because I believe she is. I don't have any proof, but there's a couple things that are well worth considering.

1) There doesn't seem to be adequate plot reason for JKR to have bothered with the Remus/Tonks subplot. It doesn't seem to amount to much in HBP. JKR never does anything like this without reason, so there must be some plot that will come out in DH. My guess is that either Remus is going to die, and it will be (theoretically) all the more tragic if he has a girlfriend, or else that Tonks will prove to be evil *and* Remus will die.

2) The infatuation seems to spring up very suddenly. There is no indication of it at all in OotP, but somehow in the two weeks between the end of that book and the beginning of HBP, Tonks has utterly wrecked herself over our favourite werewolf, and spends the rest of the year moping around. OK, so she feels somewhat responsible for the death of his lover very dear friend, but what if there's something more to it?

HBP Chapter 3: "Should you feel that a family member, colleague, friend or neighbour is acting in a strange manner, contact the Magical Law Enforcement Squad at once. They may have been put under the Imperius curse."

Who is behaving differently in this book? That's right! In the chaos of the Department of Mysteries, there is a possibility that she could have been tampered with in some way. She spends the last part of the battle unconscious, and we do not know who might have intefered with her mind, since Harry was looking elsewhere.

There is also a recurring theme of love potions in HBP, which is another potential possibility for explaining Remus/Tonks. Clearly she hasn't fed him a potion and he hasn't fed her one, but could someone have dosed her? The only questions are "who?" and "why?" Why, I suppose can be explained in that we now have a highly distracted and thoroughly depressed Auror on our hands who is probably not going to be as useful to the good guys in time of need. Who? Well, I guess that remains to be seen.

I don't just think it's that I'm a diehard Remus/Sirius 'shipper either. This 'ship just feels wrong to me.
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We all know it's coming, and we all wonder what will happen, of course, but I think a number of us (especially those of us who write fanfiction) are wondering what will happen after? This has been much on my mind of late, and I don't have anyone I can really talk to about it in real life, but I haven't been talking about it here either because posting about it feels like admitting that it's really that close. Well, it is.

In 23 days' time most of us will probably have our noses buried in Deathly Hallows, and in 24 or 25 days' time, many of us will be finished with it. And then....

It's done. There is no more. At least, not from JKR. But what happens to the fandom? I've never been so deeply involved with a fandom as I am with this one. The only thing that comes close was my attachment to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I remember things being weird when that ended, but there was still Angel, and then there wasn't that anymore either.

What can we expect? Well, I imagine the discussion communities will explode with "OMG! ------- is dead! S/he was my favourite character in the whole series!!!" and "I totally guessed right about -----! Yay!" And the fanfic comms will be deluged with new fic. For a while.

Will it die away after a time? Weeks? Months? What will it be like this time next year? What will it be like to write fanfic once canon is complete? We'll have the freedom and safety of knowing that our ideas and 'ships can no longer be sunk, and I imagine there will still be plenty of room for speculation about secondary characters, survivors and the wizarding world in general. And that's good, right? I mean, not as good as having another book on the way, but still good.

Sometimes I wish the wait was over. I know I'm not going to finish my current fics in time, and I'd just like to get the destruction of my beautiful plotlines over and done with. And sometimes I wish that the final book would never come and I would be free to speculate on my own fanon version of the Potterverse forever. New canon is scary to a fic writer!

What am I going to do after DH comes out? I'm going to finish my stories of course. I'll finish them as I originally intended, even if they have become massively AU. And then I will do an enormous edit of everything. I'll bring the plots and details in line with canon insofar as is possible. But where it's not possible, it stays. I'll fix any remaining typos and inconsistencies. And then I will start some new stories taking the full body of canon into account. Or not. Maybe I'll even write some original fiction.

But I won't stop writing. Nope; not me. Some people may lose interest and fall by the wayside once there are no more books to wait for, but I'll still be here, and hopefully some of you will be too: Sad, aging Potterheads, blowing on the embers of our geekdom.
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I'm doing a close read of HBP Ch 9 tonight, and I have been struck with a new theory involving Gran Longbottom and evil!McGonagall. I just had to share:

McGonagall: "It's high time your grandmother learned to be proud of the grandson she's got, rather than the one she thinks she ought to have." Does Augusta Longbottom know something about the prophecy? If Neville's parents knew anything about why Voldemort was targeting them, they might have told her. Does she wish her grandson was The Chosen One?

Augusta Longbottom considers Charms a "soft option". We learn that she failed her own Charms OWL. And McGonagall knows this. McGonagall started teaching in 1956 (according to the information she gives Umbridge in OotP). If Neville's father was the same age as the Marauders (and if he was already an Auror at the time he was tortured, he cannot have been younger), then he was born in about 1958. Augusta had to have sat her OWLs before McGonagall started teaching to have a child by that time. If McGonagall knows her results, it can only be because they went to school together, and were close enough personally and in age to compare marks. THEREFORE: Augusta Longbottom was at school with Voldemort. Also, new theory: Augusta and Minerva are somehow related. These two strict old Gryffindor ladies (in their green robes) are very close in age and treat Neville almost identically, right down to the fact that they are now both apparently proud of him. Sisters? But surely Neville would know.... If McGonagall is evil, and if she is somehow related to Neville, she might have convinced Voldemort to go after Harry instead. How do you like *that* for a theory? And I get all that from McGonagall saying that Neville's Gran failed her Charms OWL.
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Every month JKR posts a "wizard of the month" on her website -- usually a character mentioned either briefly or not at all in canon. Tonight, for the second month in a row, she has updated with a Founder. Huh. Last month it was Helga Hufflepuff. This month it's Salazar Slytherin. We get no new information on him, so why choose him? Is she planning to do all the founders? Will be it Gryffidor or Ravenclaw in July? Will the last Founder be posted in August, after people have had a chance to read Deathly Hallows? Is there vital information of a spoilery nature she's planning to reveal, so she's waiting on one of them? My bet is that Ravenclaw will be the last one, since I feel she's the one we know the least about. And lastly, will JKR continue to post wizards of the month once the series is finished? I can't see her continuing to make up new wizards indefinitely, but I'd hate to have it stop dead with the release of the final book.
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I think a few people might have added me to their flists recently who haven't finished this book, so....

cut for GoF spoilers )

Also, slash lovers might enjoy this article:

258-year-old gay rights text documented
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Harry will become the owner of a certain motorbike.

When Harry goes to see his parents' graves in Godric's Hollow, he will be surprised to discover that Godric Gryffindor is also buried there.

At least one horcrux will be revealed to be the bones of a Hogwarts founder.

The Sorting Hat (the Gryffindor horcrux) will be destroyed, and the system of house divisions at Hogwarts will be finished forever.

The Grey Lady (Ravenclaw ghost) will be revealed to be the ghost of Rowena Ravenclaw or one of her students.

R.A.B. will be revealed as Regulus Black who has hidden a horcrux or two in A) Grimmauld Place, or B) the Black family Gringotts account (#711, just next to the Hogwarts high security vault), both of which are now Harry's.

Regulus Black may not be dead. The Draught of Living Death is the only potion mentioned in Harry's first Potions lesson which has not been important to the plot of any of the books so far. It is mentioned again in HBP.

Mundungus Fletcher has (under the Imperius curse or not) removed the said horcrux and sold it on elsewhere.

The Weasley twins will invent something instrumental in bringing down Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

Ginny will be revealed to be someone/something important, since she is the only girl born into the Weasley family for several generations.

The book which records the names of magical children at the moment of their birth will supply key information.

McGonagall will prove to be evil, either working for Voldemort or for herself. ["McGonagall is Evil" essay]

Neville will have a key heroic moment.

Harry will save the life of A) Draco Malfoy, or B) the Dursleys.

It will come out that Snape was either friends with or in (unrequited) love with Harry's mother, hence his conflicting attitude towards Harry who so resembles his detested father, but with Lily's eyes.

Snape will be fatally wounded bringing vital information to the Order, but Fawkes will weep on him and he will be saved. Fawkes's tears will be taken as proof of Dumbledore's continued faith in Snape, and he will be redeemed in the eyes of the Order and Harry. After all, only "true loyalty" can bring Fawkes to you.

At least some of the following will die:
- Remus (too tragic to live)
- the Weasley twins (echoing the deaths of Molly's brothers, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, in the first war)
- Percy (poor judgement will place him in the wrong place at the wrong time)
- Hermione's parents (a strike at Harry's inner circle from an unexpected quarter)
- Snape (tragically and heroically redeeming himself)
- Narcissa Malfoy (will choose her son's life and safety over her commitment to her husband and the Death Eaters. She will sacrifice herself for him, in the same way Lily did for Harry)

Voldemort will be disposed of or incapacitated in some way which does not involve physically killing him. Perhaps he will be given the Dementor's Kiss, or perhaps he will be sent through the Veil. If he is killed, he will become a ghost, since it has been established that he fears nothing more than death and that people who fear death are the ones who become ghosts. A ghost Voldemort could serve as a permenant rallying point for Death Eaters, which the good guys definitely don't want. However, if Voldemort fails in his great Lifelong Goal and is killed, he may lose interest in his followers, even if he does end up as a ghost. Although I can almost see an ending where Voldemort ends up a ghost, and Harry goes to talk to him, man to man, since at that point all their differences will be settled.

If Snape lives, he will become the next headmaster of Hogwarts at the end of the book.

The curse on the DADA job will be lifted, and Harry will be offered the position, which he may or may not accept. After all, he'll probably want to take a couple years off from fighting evil at the end of all this.

Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione will live happily ever, and Harry will have the big family who love him that he has always wished for.

Busy, busy

Mar. 26th, 2007 07:47 pm
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I know I haven't posted in a while, but life has been pretty busy. In the past month or so, I had to move from Ohio to Louisiana and then back again, I've been trying to keep up with the chapter-a-day reading of the HP books over on [livejournal.com profile] deathly_cntdwn, which takes up about two hours a day after work, and my boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] chiv is visiting this month as well, so free time is at premium.

I do want to be writing, though. I've got all kinds of thoughts chasing one another around inside my head, including a story of McGonagall's school days, explaining exactly who she is and what her intentions are. I only have a few paragraphs of that at the moment, but here's a taste:

If you were to ask each of the Hogwarts houses what it means to be a Gryffindor, you'd probably end up with four different answers. The Gryffindors themselves will harp on proudly about bravery in the face of the odds. Ravenclaws might even agree with them, opening up their history books and pointing out all the great historical Gryffindors who have Saved the Day at one time or another. The more naturally-cautious Hufflepuffs will probably tell you that Gryffindors have a tendency to dive into dangerous situations headfirst, and stick their noses into things that don't concern them. "Curiosity killed the cat," they might even add. And the Slytherins? Well, everyone knows what they say; that Gryffindors are all hot air and arrogance.

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